Изложба Панагюрище 13.06.2012

This is very female art of painting in the best meaning of this term, very real and very impulsive. Jeni herself is a very sincere and open person…

She is not afraid to experiment and to use different canvas formats from the very small to the impressive sizes. In this matter there are no periods – among her oldest and among her newest paintings there are different canvas sizes because the size is determined by the inner impulse, by the spiritual needs of the painter.

I would like to focus the attention to her round paintings because this is an amazing building of the art of painting. I have seen only one another painter from Cypress to paint on round canvas, and Jeni is the second.

The key word in Jeni's art is “motion” – motion in the variation, motion in the search of impulse and emotion.

Diana Draganova
Art Critic

There is something amazing in the paintings of Evgenia Toteva – these are paintings which make you feel, they in the rhythm of your soul.

The painter Evgenia Toteva manages to show the whole magic of Nature with rich coloring and extremely precise purity of line. I was surprised that she paints with her fingers! Many masters of the brush could envy her ability to express the human soul over the canvas.

These are paintings flown with the beauty of Life. And although Jeni doesn't have any academical education, she managed really fast to find her own place among the Bulgarian creators and painters.

Irina Avramova
Art Critica

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