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Art Centre

artcenter-outside galeriq

Centre for Development of the Personality "Jenny"

Former exhibitions:
30 Mart 2011 - 13TH Exhibition "Harmony"
18 - 27.10 , Happiness far away - Iliana Dokova (paintings)
1 - 8. 11 , One trip in Nepal - Teodora Zaharieva (photo exhibition)
8 - 17.12 , Beyond the time - Cvetanka Marinova (paintings)

The JENNY Centre for Development of the Personality offers unique opportunity for relaxation and discovery of the person’s unexpected talents.
The Centre applies modern system of art therapy based on psycho diagnostics and psycho therapy.

In the Centre you can:

  • increase your self-confidence by painting with your fingers
  • create your own paintings and receive satisfaction of the touch with Art and your own uniqueness
  • find and develop your artistic talant

Photos of the gallery

Many participants in the different courses of the Centre find another view towards themselves and towards relatives, discover their own talents, manage to touch the inmost secrets of their souls and to feel more self-confident and in harmony.