Jeni and her paintings – this is maybe one of the clearest evidences about the spontaneous, inexplicably arising process, which is called by us – the people – creation…
She stepped back and surrendered to the power which paradoxically connects different worlds through colors and light.

Jeni agreed to be one of the people who reflect this light most naturally, and this is the reason why it is so real and generous.

Dear Jeni, I wish you a long, joyful and never-ending journey towards yourself…!

Atanas Kamburov

Jeni's paintings have a very strong associative influence for different life situations, presented in shape and color. She reaches a level of reviving the images – everything is “singing and dancing”, trying to get out of the frame. Her paintings cannot be described. They have to be seen and felt. Really unique expositions.

Stefka Baldjieva

The works of Mrs Toteva are different in their tonality, expression and feeling. They carry the eternal question of art about the lasting and the transitional, about the circle of life, about the light and the darkness. The “Storm”, “Wisdom”, “Flash”, “Mirage”, and “Meditation” paintings have laconic names, but they make the spectator to immerse into the existential question “Who are we, what do we want, where are we going?

Arch – Art” Newspaper – A national weekly paper of the Bulgarian architects and painters May 12, 2005

Everyone says the same – Jeni infects with her dynamics, she succeeds to paint feelings, she manages to paint the soul.
Her paintings will make you happy. You will feel the breath of optimism, sun and prosperity…

You will also be surprised by something else – the shapes of the paintings which make you feel afraid that you will prick on the thorn, and the shape of the canvas – round. Jeni is not afraid to experiment.

“PARI” Newspaper December 12, 2005

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